Tire Cleaning Rocks Remover

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Are rocks stuck in tire treads really bad?

Whether you are frequent car user or not, road debris such as litter, small rocks, gravel or pebbles will usually stuck in tire treads. This sort of build up on your tires can seriously affect stopping distances and traction with the road, so it's important to monitor the surface of your tires regularly.

Our Tire Cleaning Rocks Remover will help you to get rid of road debris with ease so tire tread wear can be reduced and the life of tire bearing will be extended as well.

Also, even a small stone can cause a ticking noise from the tire and will distract you all the way, so cleaning tires can save not only your tires but lots of nerve cells too.


  • Ultimate Tire Cleaning:
    Easily removes rocks & pebbles from tires, the life of tire bearing will be extended as well.
  • Unique Design:
    Featured with 3 hooks that have different directions, it hooks road stuff like small gravel, glasses or other and get out of the tire without any effort and damaging the tire itself.
  • Reduce Braking Distance:
    Debris build up on your tires can seriously affect stopping distances and traction with the road, so it's important to clean the surface of your tires regularly.
  • Reduce Tire Noise:
    No more ticking noise from the tire and won't distract you all the way when driving. 
  • Durable Material:
    Made of heavy duty zinc alloy so it will serve you for many years. It also has a soft rubber handle for comfortable use.
  • Easy Storage:
    Features a hanging hole on its handle, you can hang it on the wall to avoid loss. Also the head of this tool has threaded connection so you can take it off.
  • Ergonomic Handle:
    Strong skid resistance, soft and labor saving
  • Universal Use:
    Detachable into a word corner screwdriver, cross screwdriver, U word screwdriver, taper head screwdriver, thread screwdriver.


  • Material: Metal, Plastic, Soft Rubber
  • Length: 32cm
  • Color: Orange & Black


  • 1pc x Tire Cleaning Rocks Remover


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