Premium Palm Car Wax

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Premium Palm Car Waxcan prevent the oxidation of automobile paint surface.

It was eroded and damaged by acid rain, dust and scale, maintain the gloss of automobile paint surface, form a corrosion-resistant protective layer, and the wax composed of the high molecular polymer is fine and easy to polished.

Providing you with unique durability, the paint sealant is stain proof with long-lasting protection, staying flawless and keeping your car clean for longer.  Provide your car paint with a protective ceramic coating that will keep it safe from scratches, bird drops, stone chips, iron powder and UV light fading.

All in one cleaner and polisher. Clean your car, pots, pans, griller, silverware, glass, mirror, tiles and many more. Made from natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.


Easy Washing – A wax layer makes your car MUCH easier to clean. With only a quick car wash, these contaminants are removed easily.

Long-lasting Protective Coat - High performance coating to protect your car safe from scratches, bird drops, stone chips, iron powder and UV light fading.

Multi-surface - Restores leather, vinyl, plastic and other surfaces to like new.

Versatile Use - Perfectly works on everything except your car, including wheels, chrome, paint, metal, plastic, rubber, leather, engine, and even carpet.

Flawless Look - Leaves a stunning shiny gloss finish for impressive results without waxing your ride ever again.

Stain Proof - Provides a superior depth of shine by combating corrosion and damages from high temperature, outdoor exposure, dust, acid rain, etc.

100% Non-toxic & Grease-free - Provides a protective coat and leaves a non-greasy, shiny finish with no odor.


Weight; 180g 

life time: 3 years

Package Includes

1x Premium Palm Car Wax

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