POWER™ Wrist & Arm Strengthening Spinner

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Make Arms Great Again💪
Our POWER™ Wrist & Arm Strengthening Spinner is an extremely beneficial powerball that helps train your wrist, forearm, upper arm, fingers and shoulders by exercising the muscles beforehand, and as rehab training afterwards, such as relieving pain caused by mouse elbow
Simply start the training spinner by the pull-string, hold the ball in your hand and make circular movements with your wrist. Keep moving like this and increase the rotation. So as to improve your grip skill, hand speed and endurance, it gets harder and harder to keep up the speed the faster it rotates. While it builds up the gyroscopic speed, it also boosts blood circulation and you can feel the burn.
Dynamic and compact, the baseball sized design making it portable and very handy, suitable for training anywhere and anytime, while the built-in LED light adds a cool illumination effect that makes the training becomes more additively fun and enjoyable
  • Wrist & Arm Toner:
    Strengthen fingers, wrists, hands, forearms, shoulders and bicep etc. for fitness, sports, rehabilitation or therapy of sore muscles and joint, and also be beneficial in promoting grip skill, co-ordination and blood circulation.

  • Easy To Play & Control:
    Simply start the training spinner by the pull-string, hold the ball in your hand and make circular movements with your wrist. Keep moving like this and increase the rotation for intense training of arms and wrists. 

  • Eye-catching LED Illustration:
    With the dynamic and trendy built-in LED lights to make your 5 minutes upper body everyday workout additively fun and enjoyable.

  • High-quality & Durable:
    This powerball with a sturdy built-in string and anti-slip ring is a small engineering wonder, which consists a freely revolving heavy gyroscopic rotor housed in a solid plastic shell, it helps the gyro ball not to let go of your hand.

  • Compact & Portable:
    The lightweight, baseball sized handheld device that can be used in a fitness, sports, rehabilitation or fun manner, having powerful workout without hitting to the gym, even perfect to be carried in luggage when travelling. 

  • Beneficial Resistance Training:
    Develop and shape your grip and forearm muscles for improvement of baseball, tennis, golf and other sports skills. It also helps prevent and relieve repetitive stress induced injuries like mouse elbow carpel tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and RSI.

  • Easy Maintenance:
    Simply keep this from dusty environments and fabrics, store it well when not in use by preventing dust going into the internal surface of the shell by the rotor and making the inner tracks dirty. 


  • Material: ABS, Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Blue, Purple, Orange, Green
  • Quantity: 1pc
  • Light Source: LED X 4
  • Battery: Built-In
  • Size: 7 X 7 X 5.7cm X 2.75 X 2.75 X 2.24in
  • Weight: 305g X 10.76oz
  • 1 x POWER™ Wrist & Arm Strengthening Spinner
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