Lavish™ Magnetic Lashes Kit

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Magnetic Eyelash Clip + 4pcs Magnetic Eyelash #01 PoshMagnetic Eyelash Clip + 4pcs Magnetic Eyelash #02 CrushMagnetic Eyelash Clip + 4pcs Magnetic Eyelash #03 RegalMagnetic Eyelash Clip + 4pcs Magnetic Eyelash #04 MinkMagnetic Eyelash Clip
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Now you can have thicker, longer, gorgeous eyelashes in 5 seconds!

Our Lavish™ Magnetic Lashes Kit offers easy-to-wear lashes in the fastest and most accurate way with no glues or adhesives required.
Unlike traditional false eyelashes with messy glue that is difficult to apply, these ingenious magnetic eyelashes are the best solution for your flawless eye makeup that lasts all day and night long
Comes with an advanced magnetic eyelash clip that is in unique curved shape and consists of ultra-fine magnetic particles, this kit is a perfect combination that offers easy application. You can easily and painlessly obtain the full volume and luxurious length of lashes, giving your eye that dramatic bold look.  

  • Effortless Make Up :
    Achieve that outstanding, long-lasting curl in just 5 seconds.

  • Unique Curved Shape :
    Specially designed eyelash clip with ultra-fine magnetic particles safely apply lashes in seconds with extreme precision – unlike using your fingers.

  • Multi-functioal : 
    Besides apply false lashes, also can be act as an eyelash curler or false eyelash remover that cleanly removes the lash band without harming the eye area, making the entire process painless and simple.

  • Easy to Use :
    Just one clip, no glue, no mess, no stress. 

  • Waterproof & Long-Lasting :
    Continuously flawless look that wears up to 24 hours.

  • Easy Removal & Reusable :
    Repetitive usage up to 30+ times, just wash with clean water & dry after use.

  • Ultra-lightweight & Natural :
    Extra-soft fibers that imitate real lashes and allows all-day wearing comfort. 

  • Hypoallergenic & Non-irritating :
    Premium fiber and magnetic particles causes no harm to your eyes and skin.


  1. Place eyelashes onto the magnetic strip of the clip. Be sure the magnetic strip face each other.
  2. Bring the clip toward your eye keeping its arms above and below your real eyelash.
  3. Gently, touch the top arm to your eyelid then close the bottom arm.
  4. Now you have the perfect eyelashes!
  • Material: Eyelashes - Synthetic Fiber, Magnet | Eyelash Clip - Stainless Steel, Magnet 
  • Lashes Color: Black
  • Lashes Style: #01 Posh, #02 Crush, #03 Regal, #04 Mink 
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