DIY Crystal Resin Coaster Kit

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Create your very own crystal resin coaster!

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an artist when you were a kid? Now you have got a chance to become one! By making use of your craftsmanship and creativity, it would be easy enough for you to create your very unique crystal resin coaster by using our Crystal Resin Coaster DIY Kit!

The Crystal Resin Coaster DIY Kit lets you create your resin coaster which is having a unique style and design that you like. The kit is designed to be easy to de-mould for a perfect result. These moulds are made of high-quality silicone material that makes them tear-resistant, durable, and reusable so you can create as many coasters as you like!

Different colour options are provided so that you can mix and match by yourself. Let’s think out of the box and have an enjoyable experience!


  • Create Uniqueness:
    The mould has an irregular and unique shape with different colour options provided that allows you to make your very own unique designs.

  • Elegant finish:
    The crystal gel gives a crystallised finish that makes your coaster look elegant and high-end.

  • Easy to De-mold:
    Remove your craft from the mould easily without breaking the coaster.

  • Tear Resistant:
    The mould is made of high-quality soft silicone with elasticity that allows bends and it is durable enough for you to reuse them as many times as you want.

  • Easy to Dry:
    No UV light is needed! Just dry it with your hair dryer at home.

  • Widely Applicable:
    Can be used for lots of usages, such as holding glasses or even your cosmetics.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size:
    Mold: 13cm x 13cm
    Colour ink: 10ml Each


  • 1 pc x Silicone Mold or
  • Set A - 2pcs Color Inks (Pink + White) + Mold  or
  • Set B - 2pcs Color Inks (Purple + Blue) + Mold or
  • Set C  - 2pcs Color Inks (Black + White) + Mold or
  • Full Set A - 2pcs Color Inks (Pink + White) + Mold + Resin Crystal Glue or
  • Full Set B - 2pcs Color Inks (Purple + Blue) + Mold + Resin Crystal Glue or
  • Full Set C - 2pcs Color Inks (Black + White) + Mold + Resin Crystal Glue

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