Bone Spur Pain Relief Cream

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Stop suffering from sore feet & heel spur pain!

Our Bone Spur Pain Relief Cream is the best natural remedy, which is highly effective to treat severe pain caused by bone spur, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, etc. without surgery

Formulated with the best natural ingredients proven to soothe feet and reduce inflammation, it works by reconstructing the bones, the relief cream can help grow back cartilage and prevent further damage.

Apply the cream on a daily basis as long as your heel or body part is painful, you will see a noticeable result of improving the flexibility of your body's tendons and muscles with the repair of bone fibers within 4 weeks of continuous usage. 


  • Instant Pain Relief:
    Treat and ease discomforts brought by bone spur, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis,  fascia inflammation, shin splints, achilles injuries, Mortan’s neuroma, etc. 

  • Bone Tissue Reconstruction:
    Improve and promote the growth of cartilage for your bone, which helps prevents further damage and injury. 

  • Anti-inflammatory:
    Reduces the chances of tendinitis caused by fascia inflammation by healing the bone spur and repairing bone tissue around the tendons.

  • Highly Effective:
    Apply an appropriate amount of cream on the pain area, and the effects will be noticeable within minutes.

  • 100 % Safe & Natural:
    Made of the best natural, noninvasive herbal ingredients proven to soothe feet, reduce inflammation and heel spur pain – arnica, devil's claw, ginger, with a small amount of menthol, to create the most effective natural remedy for bone spur.

  • Quick Result:
    Odorless, quick drying and transparent. Apply the cream on a daily basis, you will see a noticeable result of improving the flexibility of your body's tendons and muscles with the repair of bone fibers within 4 weeks of continuous usage.

  • For All Body Parts:
    Instant relief for vertebra pain, neck pain, waist pan, joint pain, spine pain, wrist pain, heel pain, muscle pain, or any body parts suffered from bone spur.


  • Main Ingredients: Arnica, Devil's Claw, Ginger, Menthol
  • Weight: 30g
  • Shelf Life: 24 Months 


  • 1pc x Bone Spur Pain Relief Cream

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