Aquatic Algae Control Purifier

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Instantly eliminate excessive algae, chlorella & moss while turning the pond into crystal-clear water with the Powerful Aquatic Algae Control Purifier.

This cleaner reduces odor while balancing algae and micro-organisms which significantly improves the health and life-span of your beloved fishes. Cleaning your pond has never been easier before, for this is the most cost-effective, sustainable, safest natural way of maintaining the clean water into your ponds!

High-technologically made from active inorganic salt polymers and many natural bactericides. Can quickly clear away the algae and bryophyte in tank water. Such as Red Algae, Brown Algae, Green Algae, and etc. It also stabilizes ph value and kills harmful bacteria which do not harm to fish itself and environment.

Aquatic Algae Control Purifier effectively guards against bacteria, algae and other organisms. For swimming pools this creates a safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable swimming experience.


  • Eliminates Nuisance Algae Naturally - Within a few hours of applying, Diatom algae blooms (beneficial algae), which further vies for carbon dioxide, nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutrients, thereby causing nuisance algae to die off as a result of non-availability of nutrients.


  • Improves Water Quality - Works at the microscopic level. The exponential growth of diatoms provides oxygen to bacteria who in turn clean up the waste products of fish and leftovers. This natural process helps clean ponds and make their water sparkling without letting the water bodies emit any bad odor.


  • Fast Action and Highly Efficient - It starts the process of cleaning almost immediately. Within just 3-5 hours of applying, the diatoms begin to develop, kick-starting the clean-up drive. Highly efficient and easy to use.


  • Effective Purifier  - Eliminates excessive moss, algae, and other microorganisms which turns your water cloudy and unsightly.


  • Ensures Healthier Habitat and Vibrant Color in Your Pound - It removes Nuisance Algae, it naturally provides fish a healthier habitat for living.


  • Widely Used - Can be used for swimming pools, ponds and aquariums.


  • Safe for Fish, Plants & Amphibians - Unlike other algaecides, it is completely safe for your pond as well as all the organisms present in it. The growing diatoms become food for zooplankton, which in turn become live food for fish, which ultimately enhances their health.


  • Product Weight: 50 g

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